8 Best Fabulous Fairy Gardens

The best Fabulous Fairy Gardens for your children can be found in your imagination. You can have fun and enjoy the company of your child when you decorate your garden with a theme. Your imagination is unlimited. The first step to decorating a child’s garden with a themed theme is to prepare an idea list.

A children’s book about fairy tales will give your child inspiration to come up with ideas on how to decorate his or her garden. After creating a layout in a children’s book, start designing your child’s garden using your own imagination. Write down everything from the flowers to the plants and trees. Keep these ideas with you so that you can review them as you go along.

A good place to start is with one of the fabulous fairy gardens that you’ve created. Children love to draw, so if you don’t already have a book, they’ll likely see a picture of an alluring garden and want to try to decorate their own. Try drawing a tree, flower, or even a giant butterfly to keep the theme going.

The next step is to think about what kind of colors would be best for the Fab Fairy Gardens. This is the time to bring in the coloring books and paints. In this way, you can have fun giving your child choices of what to color. Remember, they’re learning the meaning of colors so having them color their garden with some green flowers is okay. Just use the word “green” instead of “red” so that they’ll learn better.

In fact, it’s also okay to let them decide on the color scheme themselves. They’ll appreciate this, since your job is to show them how to create their own garden and decorate it. They will have a greater appreciation for all the work that you put into this garden if they enjoyed making it themselves.

After all the work is done, let your child know how to decorate the Fab Fairy Gardens. Have them put the flowers in the appropriate spots. Have them write the directions in a journal or scrapbook and make a card to give to the children. Once the flowers are in place, give them help from the kids. For example, if you’ve written “pick a flower,” they should be able to pick out all the flowers from their head.

Finally, allow the children to add the plants and trees to the Fab Fairy Gardens. Some children love to draw and paint. If this is you, then you might want to hold a drawing contest. You can have prizes for the winners. The flowers and the plants will be ready when the children get the hang of the designs and colors.

Have fun decorating your Fab Fairy Gardens. This is a chance for your child to spend some time with you while enjoying his or her garden.


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