10 Bonsai Garden Inspiration

Bonsai Garden Inspiration. This is a really great subject for a Bonsai gardening series.

I’ve seen all sorts of inspirational images over the years. Many have changed my life and how I look at life in general. There are so many “nice” inspirational images out there.

One of the things I really liked about most of them is that they were all inspirational to some degree. They gave me a nice lift. You know, for those who aren’t into garden work.

But Bonsai Garden Inspiration? I want to see this flower and this tree grow from seed and bloom and grow. Then I’d add some moss or dirt.

Lots of people might have got the idea for growing their trees and shrubs this way. A lot of them probably did it because it’s easy. You don’t have to have any experience with gardening.

What I love about Bonsai is that it’s so different. I grew up in a semi-industrial town. So it’s hard for me to imagine growing plants in my own garden.

I’d just like to see a big tree and a tiny plant growing in a big pot in the shade of some pretty flowers. What better place for a plant to start out?



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