9 Awesome Tiny House Design

My wife and I recently started a brand new life in a beautiful New Hampshire townhouse that is within an Awesome Tiny House Design. The beautiful part about this life is that we can actually move anytime we want, without the hassle of having to leave a room, because all we have to do is move our furniture into our new space.

This Amazing New Hampshire Townhouse which we live in has had its entire floor plan meticulously designed by two people who know what they are doing, and a professional architect who knew exactly what he was doing with regards to designing an Awesome Tiny House Design. The result is a truly livable home that we could truly call our own, because we do not have to break the bank to afford it. So, as you can imagine, it will cost far less than renting a typical home!

We were living in a tiny house when the winters started to come in, and even though our house did not have any windows, which is what everyone thought would be the case in a smaller area like ours, it still kept the summer weather from getting in. This definitely had us thinking that this type of design is the way to go. We looked into the market and found several places where we could buy a tiny house, but none of them really seemed to fit our budget.

There was also no way we could afford to take a mortgage payment that would be smaller than the monthly payments on a small house. We also decided that we wanted to live near a community so that we could visit. We both have full time jobs, and we really do not have a lot of free time, so the idea of moving from the central area of our town, to a smaller town, for example, was really not appealing.

Of course, the local public schools are so far away that the idea of commuting to them is just too much of a hassle for us. Still, after looking around for over a year, we realized that there was a great opportunity to purchase a Tiny House Design that was perfect for us and for our family.

One very happy factor about this awesome, affordable, attractive Tiny House Design is that it has been engineered with us in mind. Not only does it have a full sized garage, we also have easy access to an acre of land that we can use as a garden, as well as a sun deck, and fire pit.

There are also some neighborhood greenways that run through our yard, which we can use as we see fit. I also love the fact that it is nestled into a gated community, so neighbors will be very supportive of us, as we work hard to make sure that we take care of our family.

We now live in a beautiful New Hampshire townhouse within an Awesome Tiny House Design. I really cannot believe how much more peaceful in my life is, with all the added functionality that is available to me, as a result of our new home.




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